FLAUTA is a technological Startup that expertises in the development of products including Web and Mobile platforms.

Mobile Application Development

A smartphone without an App is like an instrument without Music. Out of the thousands of Petabytes of data you generate every day, via msgs, chats, images and much more, most of it comes from a marvelously designed App that provides you with a seamless User Interface and most importantly, Customer Satisfaction.

Website Development

Every business: Small, Medium or Large, requires a way to reach out to the World. The better your presentation, the better the chances you have of being heard by the right audience. Even if you do not represent a commercial purpose, a website is a great medium to promote your skills and competence in an efficient manner. A good website can significantly improve your chances of getting noticed in a crowd.


We believe strongly in the concept of training your mind, before performing on a real stage. Implementing the same strategy, FLAUTA has come up with a unique Internship Program. Interns at FLAUTA will be provided with real-life problems to tackle and solve those using technological means.

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